How to Choose an Excavation Contractor in Cincinnati

Excavation projects in Cincinnati can be daunting, but with the help of an experienced contractor, you can bring your vision to life. The goal of a contractor is to work with you and determine how to make your aspirations for your land into an attainable reality.

All reputable excavation contractors in Ohio must hold valid business licenses and be registered as a general contractor within the state. When choosing the right contractor for your project, it is important to consider both their experience and scope of services to ensure they are able to provide the level of care your project requires.

Should You Hire an Excavation Contractor? 

Excavation is the process of removing rock, sediment, and earth from a particular location to dig space for future construction. Most commonly, excavation contractors in Ohio help commercial project developers create the space they need to lay foundations for new buildings. They can also perform excavating services for developers planning extensive remodels and restorations that require digging or filling the earth.

If you are planning a new commercial development in Cincinnati and need to construct it from the ground up, then you will need to work with a professional, licensed excavation contractor like the team at Garrett Excavating to make sure your property is built on the strongest foundation possible.

Understanding Excavation Permits

You will need to obtain an excavation/fill permit in Cincinnati if you plan to dig deeper than 5 feet or 100 cubic yards per 5,000 square feet on a site. You will also need an excavation/fill permit if:

  • Your excavation project will remove vegetation coverage or root systems from natural Earth on a slope steeper than five horizontal feet to one vertical.
  • Your project will result in a slope steeper than three horizontal feet and one vertical.
  • Your excavation needs are more than 8 feet vertically or 350 cubic yards per 5,000 square feet of site area.
  • There is a planned succession of small excavations that will result in a combined depth of 5 feet or 100 cubic yards for every 5,000 square feet of the site.

You will need to complete an application for an excavation permit, then submit it with five site plans for review to the Cincinnati, Ohio, Permit Center. A qualified contractor will be able to guide you through this process and ensure that your project site is up to code prior to starting excavation.

Top Tips for Hiring an Excavation Contractor

Before hiring a contractor, it is important to extensively research them online and verify their experience. Beyond that, you should also look closely at the services they offer to consider how they may be able to help you throughout the scope of your development.

1. Ensure the Company Is Licensed

Working with an unlicensed contractor can not only be dangerous but jeopardize your entire building. While they may offer lower rates than professional companies, contractors without licenses are not trained to the standard of registered businesses with verifiable backgrounds.

Avoid the liability risks and health hazards associated with unlicensed contractors. Reach out to any company you are considering working with and ask for their license number. Any reputable business will be happy to provide you with a copy of their license to bring you peace of mind.

You can verify their contractor’s license number by looking it up on the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB). If you are unable to find the company on the board, you can contact the OCILB at (614) 466-3636, or by sending them a message on their site.

2. Research the Company’s Reviews

The internet is a valuable resource for any commercial developer looking to hire an excavation contractor. In addition to testimonials on the contractor’s site, you can also research reviews online for further insight into how they operate.

Google Business, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and HomeAdvisor offer easy access to reviews from real customers.

3. Consider Their Experience

In addition to their experience with particular service areas, you should also find out how long the excavating contractor has been in business. While there are many reputable, licensed companies new to the industry, we advise choosing professionals with a long track record of success throughout Cincinnati.

Garrett Excavating has been in the site development business for over 50 years. With half a century of experience, we are among the most trusted excavation and concrete contractors in the state of Ohio.

4. Explore Their Services

Consider what level of service a contractor can provide you with throughout the development process. While excavation may only be part of the first phase of development, you should be able to work with a contractor who offers a dynamic range of flexible services to suit your needs.

Additional services to look for in an excavation contractor include construction site preparation, concrete pouring, storm drainage, and sewer maintenance. Having a contractor that offers a variety of services can help you save time and money by working with a dedicated team of experts that you can trust.

5. Request a Free Quote

Transparency is essential to a healthy contractor-client relationship, and it begins with a free estimate to help you understand the cost of services, labor, and materials. Free estimates are also valuable because they allow you to compare different contractors more effectively and determine which one is the best fit for your budget.

Schedule a Consultation With Garrett Excavating 

If you are looking for an excavating and concrete contractor in Cincinnati, OH, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with us. We will discuss your project objectives and offer a free estimate for our services to help you get the best deal for your needs.

In addition to excavating and concrete work, we also provide site preparation, sewer maintenance, and storm drainage services to maintain your commercial property. If you have any questions, our team is always available to answer them. You can send us a message, email [email protected], or call us at (513) 905-9916.

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